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After the failed  1956 uprising in Hungary the Communist Party took over the power and the multi party system was changed into a one party system.  Till 1989 The Communist Party was the only legal party in Hungary.  In 1989 the Communist Party split up and the one party system was changed into a multi party system by the former illigal parties.

If you are interested in this era, choose this programme and you will get an overall picture about the life during the one party system and behind the Iron Curtain.

  • House of Terror Museum housed in the former headquartes of the Hungarian Secret Police.

Its two permanent exhibitions introduce the cruality of this era.

  • Statue Park on the outskirts of Budapest

After the political changes the very typical statues,  monuments and symbols were collected and  taken to the Statue Park thus they survived the changes even Stalin’s boots.

  • Cave Hospital in the Castle Quarter built during WWII and played an important role int he 1956 uprising too. During the Cold War it served as a nuclear bunker.
  • Liberty Square with the last Russion Monument in the middle.
  • Former Parade road where once the statue of Stalin used to stand and later the Staue of Lenin.

This was the main venue of military and civil marching in front of the tribune where the party leaders stood and waved to the participants.

  • The Hungarian White House which has had many functions since its 1947 restoration

Visit to sights that charge a fee for entry are not includedin the tour.

By minivan with driver and tour guide are included.



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